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Rehabilitation is the process of learning to live life with a prosthesis. This involves learning how to care for your skin and prosthesis, as well as relearning basic mobility (getting up off the floor, stairs, and walking on uneven and incline surfaces). Some people will need to relearn aspects of a job, if returning to work is a goal.

The GF Strong Outpatient Amputee Program rehab team consists of a Physiatrist (rehab doctor), Social Worker, Physiotherapist and Prosthetist. Access to services from Psychology, Dietary, Sexual Health, Driver's Rehab and Vocational Rehab are also available if required.

After being seen by a Physiatrist in the hospital, or referred to the Service by a Specialist or Family Doctor the earliest rehab will start is approximately 10 days after discharge from hospital following the amputation. Most people attend 2-3 times per week, for a 1-2 hours session.

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We see a variety of people with amputations:

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