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These questions are given to amputees at the completion of their rehab program at GF Strong, and used as a teaching tool to see how much they have learned about their residual limb, socket fit, and long term follow-up. There are multiple answers to several of the questions. these questions were developed by a physiotherapist and prosthetist.

The more information and education you have about your amputation, and how it affects our lifestyle, the better able you are to advocate for yourself to your health care team and be the best you can be.

At your next prosthetic appointment ask your prosthetist about routine maintenance and long term follow up.


1. Hygiene: When do you clean your interface liner, your socks?

2. Hygiene: When do you clean your residual limb and how do you do it?

3. Socks: What does my limb feel like when I am wearing too few socks, or too many socks? What does it feel like when my socks are just right?

4. Limb: Name the bony areas of my limb that do not like a lot of pressure, that are at risk for skin breakdown?

5. Limb: How often should you inspect your limb, skin, scar? Why?

6. What is the difference between feeling pressure and feeling pain?

7. Prosthetist: Who is my prosthetist? How often should I see him, if everything is fine?

8. Maintenance: How often should my prosthetist routinely clean, inspect my prosthesis?

9. Prosthetist: Name 6 reasons that I should see my prosthetist.

10. Shoes: Can you buy shoes without a concern for the heel height of the new shoe? Do you know how to check that the heel height of your current shoes is the same as the pair you want to buy?

11. Shoes: Can you walk in your bare feet? What does it feel like? Why does walking in your bare feet feel different on your prosthetic limb?

12. Energy: How much extra energy does your body spend because you wear a prosthesis? How do you know that your body spends more energy - signs and symptoms?

13. Falls: You've just fallen in the bathroom on the end of your limb, you are in excruciating pain - what options should you consider?

14. Funding: Who pays for your prosthesis - name all the payors.

15. Funding: If my extended health care benefits change, what should I do?

16. Recreation: My prosthesis fell into salt water. What should I do?

17. Holiday: You are in a small town (no prosthetic services) and your socket cracks. What should you do? Leather cuff strap breaks? Suspension sleeve gets a tear? You lose your suction valve?

18. How should you prepare for a holiday re. prosthesis?

19. When should you see your Physiatrist doctor?

20. Durability: What is the warranty period on your prosthetic foot, interface liners when they can be returned no charge if they break?

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