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My name is Scott and I'm 28. I had a above knee amputation because of cancer (osteogenic sarcoma) 3 years ago. I worked as a letter carrier for the post office before my cancer, and still work full time, now as an inside postal worker at a huge transfer station for the mail.

My two passions in life are custom cars and body building. I workout 5 days a week doing weight training and cardiovascular training. My other passion is my fiancee.

I'm not limited in any way because of my prosthesis. I have the ability to do almost every weight training exercise compared to before my amputation. Many health care people told me I would never do squats and dead lifts with an above knee prosthesis, but I do do these exercises and lift 230 lbs for single leg squats and 250 lbs for dead lifts.

I pay close attention to my diet. I believe that my workout lifestyle has only contributed to my recovery and enabled me to be the best amputee that I can be. Strength is the key to stamina, balance, and self esteem. Every amputee should make 'strength' an important part of their life.

It's always good to have other amputees to talk to. I spoke with 2 amputees who had had cancer prior to my surgery. One of them was very inspiring, but the other had a negative attitude.

Good communication with your health care people is key - and it's very important that you know your body, and can describe how you are feeling, what sensations you are experiencing in particular places. When the time comes to be resuming work, and getting back to your life in general it’s important to know your rights (being in a union), and find out what government resources are available to you. Ask questions, and be an advocate for yourself. You deserve it.


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