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Who We Are

We are a cross-section of ages, occupations, life situations, and levels of amputation. Most people think amputation is a result of diabetic complications, but we have amputations as a result of cancer, motorcycle accidents, car accidents, addiction issues, chronic pain, diabetes and other causes. Most of us have a prosthesis, some of us have two prosthesis, and a few of us have chosen not to wear a prosthesis.

If you are a new amputee, you are not alone. You may not be a group type person or feel comfortable talking about your situation, but there is much to learn from listening to others. This group is a tool, a place to appreciate that an issue that bothers you may have been experienced and solved by someone else. We provide questions, answers, support, humour, and will boost you when you feel concerned.


Our group believes that living life is about what you can do, even if it’s in different ways, and not about what you’ve lost. This is a hard concept to grasp in the first year after amputation.

Our group is happy to offer support to anyone – someone considering an amputation, a new amputee, someone who has lived with an amputation for a while (mature amputee), and family/friends. We can connect you with someone of the same gender, interests, and amputation level. So read some of our past meeting minutes, check out our Support Network and Resources for personal contact, or come to one of our meetings.

When Do We Meet


Each month we have a particular topic of interest. Our group starts with a brief welcome to new members, then a presentation by an invited speaker followed by open discussion. We show educational videos on DVD and VHS as well. Business meetings throughout the year generate new topic ideas. Check out our meeting minutes below.

You can receive notifications and minutes of the meetings. Please contact Shelley if you wish to be added to our contact list by email or regular mail.

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