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Q. What is a 'mature amputee'?
A mature amputee is someone who has worn a prosthesis for more than two years. You may or may not have had some rehab at the time of your amputation in your community, or you may have taught yourself your current skills.

Q. I've wondered if I could walk better?
There are many factors impacting your ability to walk certain distances, some of which are related to your own health and fitness, and others which relate to the fit and comfort of your prosthesis. All of these should be assessed and you should understand what the limitations may be and also what can be improved.

Q. I've wondered if my prosthesis could be more comfortable?
The comfort and fit of your socket is very important to your level of function and ability. Have you discussed your concerns with your prosthetist and have they been addressed? clear and concise communication is important - is your prosthesis hurting you in sitting, in standing, or at particular times during your walking cycle?

Q. I've wondered if my prosthetic components should be changed?
Your prosthetic components (type of knee unit, type of foot, type of suspension, etc) should match your functional ability. There are times when your prosthesis can be holding you back from making more improvements in your function, and the reverse, when your are not physically using your components to their ability. This should be accessed. Find out more about Prosthetic Clinic Assessments.

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