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Frequent Questions - Prosthetic Clinic Assessments

Q. How do I get a referral to the clinic?
To visit the clinic you will need a referral from a health professional. It may be a Physiatrist (doctor who specializes in rehabilitation and prosthetics) in the hospital, or another specialist or family doctor.

Q. Who will I be seen by?
A Physiatrist who will assess your overall health in addition to your prosthesis, and an Amputee Physiotherapist who will assess your walking, how well you use your prosthesis, and your function.

Q. What information should I provide?
We will ask you about the history of your prosthesis. How many prosthetists have your seen? Has your prosthesis been changed recently and are your happy with the fit, comfort and function. have your tried a variety of different components? What problems are you having? What activities might you be physically capable of enjoying?

Q. What happens after my Prosthetic Clinic visit?
You will be provided with information about whether your health and fitness can be improved. Some medical tests may be ordered, or this will be discussed with you and completed by your family doctor.

You will be provided with an objective assessment of how well your prosthesis is fitting.

If you are from out of town, we may request that a local prosthetist provide us with a second opinion about the construction, components and alignment of your prosthesis.

Q. Where is the Prosthetic Clinic?
The clinic is located in the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre. You can read more details about the Clinic including directions and parking.

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