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The Prosthetic clinic team consists of a physiatrist (rehab doctor), prosthetist (maker of artificial limbs), physiotherapist, social worker, and receptionist. Amputee Program referrals can only be initiated by your physician.

Your Visit
The clinic is held in the Prosthetics area on the basement floor at GF Strong Rehab Centre.

There are a few designated disabled parking stalls in the main entrance to the building as well as a small visitor parking lot. Paid parking is available at Children's Hospital on 28th Avenue. Report to the receptionist on your arrival. The appointment in the clinic will take approximately 45 minutes.

The clinic team will answer any questions about your amputation and will decide on your readiness to be fitted with a prosthesis (artificial limb). Reasons you may be referred to the clinic include:

Fitting for a prosthesis
The residual limb (stump), and particularly the incision line, needs to heal before being fitted with a prosthesis. The clinic team assesses whether this healing has occurred and how able you would be to use a prosthesis. Possible suggestions:

When you are ready to be fitted with a prosthesis, a time will be arranged with the prosthetist to begin manufacturing the prosthesis which takes one to two weeks.

Be sure to bring:

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