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Support of other people who have had an amputation can be invaluable to one's recovery. This support person might be someone else doing rehab at the same time as you, or it may be someone who has 2-3 years of more under their belt, having sorted out the issues of living with a disability and using a prosthesis (artificial limb). You may also get support from your friends and family, but the support from someone else who is 'walking in your shoes' is invaluable.


On this site you will have the opportunity to read about people from all walks of life, people with different approaches to getting beyond their amputation and disability and resuming their lives. PeerVisitor Program Each individual on this site is willing to be contacted, and will try to answer your questions based on their own experience. Individuals identified with this logo are certified amputee peer visitors. Good peer or support people demonstrate objectivity, and have good listening skills, and may point you in other directions for further information and resources. You should have a clear understanding with whomever you contact, that your story, private information or questions will be kept confidential. The list is organized by geographical location in British Columbia and cross-referenced by level of amputation (below the knee, above the knee, etc).


If you are willing to be on this list, please provide a short biography about yourself and only that personal information you feel comfortable in sharing. Pictures are encouraged in electronic format, preferable in JPG format. In the interest of personal privacy, only first names and e-mail addresses will be published on this list. Be aware that by going public, you may receive unwanted and sometimes inappropriate contact from strangers.If you are interested in participating in the Amputee Support Network, but prefer no to go public with personal information, I have created a private list with names and contact information. This will be shared privately with your expressed permission.

You can send your submission to or contact me at any time to remove yourself from the public or private list of support people.


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